We are into virtual online database synthesis...

No matter the complex nature of your Business ... We can design a software that makes it digitally compliant for you and your customers... All you need to do is ask us to design something for You. Terms and agreement conditions apply.

What we do here is generic, not Cloned nor a Template...,

A Johnyke innovate software, developed and researched by Mr. Nwafor Ikenna John. This software is resourced with the intention of enabling the easy flow of day to day dynamism in your office and to represent it in a virtual manner online...,

This code design is Nigerian based and with respect for cultural norms.

We design from scratch to the top, our codes are customised from ground up and yet compatible with international standard codes; facts owing to common user platform. You can work with our codes offline and online without interruptions...

This designer codes emanated as a hobby and as so we intend to push our hobby beyond limits if our Patron Users will kindly provide basic specification that will help us assist their SERVICES.Such Specifications includes:

"You Write To Us"



I am Johnyke's robot..., Johnyke's Software Security Guard..., Johnyke will not hesitate to sue over copyright infringement, But I will take you out first, if you try any nonsense.

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